About Us
Oxyrich Story

At Manikchand, we know the importance of healthy drinking water. This elixir that makes up 70% of our bodies is the most vital for life. It had always been our effort to provide water not just in its purest but also its healthiest form. Thus, was born Oxyrich – Dhariwal Industries’ own brand of packaged drinking water. In 2002, we set up one of India’s most modern and comprehensive packaged drinking water plants near Pune. We later established more plants at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Haridwar. Manikchand now boasts of revolutionary packaged drinking water plants across the country.

To ensure strict quality control, the Manikchand Group has companies that manufacture and supply pre-forms, caps, labels and cartons to Dhariwal Industries Ltd. The Pet Preform division and the Closure manufacturing division also provide services to other packaged drinking water units across the country.

So, how exactly do we make water healthier?

When you are a part of the Manikchand corporate family, you know that the best is only just good. Keeping alive our motto to aim higher, we made our water healthier. Oxyrich is the only packaged drinking water in India to have 300% more oxygen. Adding more oxygen to water is achieved by our one and only path-breaking patented technology in the world. Oxyrich is also one of the few bottled drinking water from India to be ISO 22000:2005 certified; world standard for food safety management system. World-class processes and superior equipment ensure highest levels of purity and quality of our packaged drinking water.