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Patented Technology

300% more oxygen is what makes Oxyrich stand apart in a market that is overflowing with multiple brands of packaged drinking water. We employ a patented oxygenation process, advanced scientific method and cutting-edge equipment to infuse 300% more oxygen in water. Oxyrich is the only packaged drinking water in the world to have 300% extra oxygen. This ensures that whenever you have a sip of OXYRICH, your body is enriched with more oxygen leading to improved metabolism, enabling higher energy levels and promoting wellness.

International Patents
No. Name of Country Patent No. Application No. Status / Period
1 India 204086 Granted 2002 to 2022
2 Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Sweden & UK) 1767261 Granted 2005 to 2025
3 U.S. Appl. No. UG/P/05/00002 Under consideration
4 U.A.E. Appl. No. 581/2005 Under consideration
5 Indonesia Appl. No. P00 2005 004070 Under consideration
6 South Africa 2005/8386 Granted 2005 to 2025
7 Russia Appl. No. 2005/138076 Under consideration
8 China Appl. No. 2005 10085703.X Under consideration
9 Australia 2005100814 Granted 2005 to 2013
10 Sri Lanka Appl. No. 13825 Under consideration